Hello everyone.. Lately I’ve been depressed and angry because of problems I’ve been having at home. The problem is that my dad dislikes me because I support gays and homosexuality in general. This all started a little while ago when my dad found out I have lots of friends that are gay and lesbian. My dad is a “born again” Christian man who loves god and always tries to force his religion on me.. well recently he has started to think that I’m gay just because of my choice in friends. So yesterday in the middle of the night to question me. I recently got a new phone and I loaned my old one to my brother.. well my dad went through my entire phone, all my texts and posts.. My father was extremely angry to find that I follow and talk to homosexuals.. My father told me to my face that I’m sucking the happiness from him and am hurting his soul for associating with gays.. My dad told me that even though I’m not gay, I deserve to burn in a lake of fire for all eternity.. He basically Called me a danger to my family and he told me that he wants to home school me so I can stay away from all my friends and he also wants us to move far away to San Diego which is about a 2 hour drive away on a good day.. Now my whole family wants me to join the US military.. more specifically the Marines.. so just because I support and associate with gays and lesbians I’m basically being forced to move away and go out to fight for more hating and mean people like my father.. my dad told me that if I had kids and raised them how I wanted, free to choose their sexuality and beliefs that he’d raise them for me.. to “save” them from me and eternal damnation. . So I’ve decided to never have kids.. I don’t want to bring life into this hating and judgmental world… I’ve also had a history with depression and self harm, I even attempted suicide.. and I’ve been getting better but this plus problems with my closest and dearest friend.. has just dragged me back down.. I would never hurt myself again but that doesn’t mean it’s ok.. Hatred and backwards thinking like this is what’s wrong this country.. I’m not even gay myself but my whole family is treating me like a criminal.. now I’m joining joining the Marines and you know what? I’m glad to get away.. now I have to wait till I’m old enough to leave this lace and try to not let this hurt me.. If anyone reads this who’s like me or just hated for their beliefs in any way at all… stay strong.. I love you all.. thanks for your time guys..